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Urns and Urn Vaults

We have always provided Urn Vaults as a means to inter cremated remains into a cemetery plot. The protection that an Urn Vault provides ensures that buried Urns will remain where they are buried. 

There are now many different options to choose from beyond the traditional concrete container with the familiar Plastic lined Urn Vaults to beautiful Cultured Marble.

We now also sell Urns (some of which are pictured here) many of the kinds you are already familiar with as well as our new Cultured Marble Urns that come in several different styles and colors. We try to stock these in larger quantities which helps to keep our costs low so we can pass those savings to you.  Call if you are interested in seeing some of these in person.

Cremation (51 Photos)

Trinity Urns
Aria Dolphins
Aria Tree of life
Aria Urns (Wheat, Rose and Ascending)
Aria Butterflies
Athena Urns (Pewter and Bronze)
Classic Bronze and Pewter Urns
Burgundy Resin Urn with Orchids
Lovebirds and Magnolia Resin Urn
Dragonfly and Lotus Flowers - Resin Urn
Grecian Rustic Bronze
Blue Ceramic Urn with Hand Painted Blossoms
White Ceramic Urn with Roses
Elite Cloisonné Urn - Blue Floral
Elite Cloisonné Urn - Pink Floral
Going Home
Lavender Rose Metal Urn
Elite Going Home
Aristocrat (Black and Gold/Onyx)
Himalayan Rock Salt Urn
Oceane Sand Biodegradable Urn
Basic Bamboo Eco Urn
Turtle Eco Urn
Embrace Eco Urn
Shell Eco Urn
Unity Heart Eco Urn
Journey Paper Urn (Eco) - Blue
Journey Paper Urn (Eco) - Green
Journey Paper Urn - Natural
Journey Paper Urn - Black
Wood Urns: Photo, Cherry and Natural
Sheesham Economy Wood Urn
Vintage Wood Urn - Limited Stock
Heart Companion Double Urn
Tuscany Urn in Canadian Flag
Camo and Antique Gold Georgian Urns
Georgian Urns in Canadian Flag and Blue Earth
Sample of Engraved Cultured Marble Urn
Close up of a Tuscany Urn in White Carrera
Tuscany Urns in Midnight Blue and Jade and a Double Tuscany Urn in Black Marlin
Windsor Elite Urns in Purple, White Carrera and Black Night
Cube Urns in Ruby, Jade and Midnight Blue **CURRENTLY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY**
Opal Elite Urns in Pink, Jade, Creme Mocha and Midnight Blue **DISCONTINUED - LOW STOCK**
Opal Urns in Firerock, Blue Earth and Mission Black **DISCONTINUED - LOW STOCK**
Georgian Urns in Blue Earth and Cafe
Brass Nameplate for Urns
Cultured Marble Urn Vaults
Concrete Urn Vaults