Superior Vault Company Ltd.


What's Happening:

  • Easter Update

    March 21, 2018
       Spring is finally upon us bringing warmer weather and longer days. For us it means Spring Burials and clearing the backlog of Monument Installs. Soon we hope to have some of our Urns on display down in Fenwick though we will hold off at the main office until our new showroom is built at the new property in Waterdown. Due to some changes our supplier has made to their line of Cultured Marble Urns we will be making a new Catalogue to show the current line of Urns in the current range of colours.
       We have been practising on our Engraving Machine for a couple of weeks now and have a few samples done up that we hope to add to our display so that we show several options for engraved fonts. Stay tuned as we may have pictures posted in the near future.