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    September 04, 2018
       So we haven't had an update in a while so we'll catch you up on the latest news. We are still waiting on the building permits from the City of Hamilton to begin the construction of our new facility.  We are still hoping to move in sometime this winter but as of yet we have no firm date. On a positive note, everyone (thus far) loves our engraved brass nameplates for some of our urn vaults and wood urns as well as a couple we have done for caskets through the funeral homes. We plan on doing a few samples of these in the near future with different font types and posting them to our Cremation - Personalization section on this website.
       Last but not least, a reminder to keep and eye out for the children out there as they head off for another school year.  In the business we are in the last thing we want is to see a child lost due to an inattentive driver. No phone call or text is worth a life.